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What's in a Name?

Bower: a rustic cottage; a country retreat

Bower Haus specializes in coziness. Our work is simple, straightforward, and honest. Natural or re-used materials are preferred. Energy efficiency is a given.

Most of our work is in the city, not at country getaways. But cozy homeyness is possible in town as well as the country. Many homes in the city are drafty and hard to heat or cool. You could move from one of these to a newer, tighter house in the suburbs. Or you can seal the drafts, insulate you home, and stay put. We can make your home more comfortable and quieter. Your home should be a place where you can retreat from the busyness of life and work.

Bower: a leafy, shady shelter, as in a garden; an arbor

We will be happy to build your arbor, gazebo, or deck where you can enjoy nature.

Bower: A lady's private apartment or bedroom

We can remodel your bedroom or family room to make it a more pleasant retreat.

Bower: The main anchor on a ship

We don't make anchors. But we'd like to help make your home a place of stability and security.

Our name is a play on the Bauhaus international style of architecture. We appreciate the Bauhaus movement, but our style is more tied to nature and generally on a smaller scale.
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