After a brief stint as a newspaper copy editor, Tim worked in West Africa for seven years. He managed publication and distribution of Bassa literature and adult-education materials for the Christian Education Foundation of Liberia, an association of Liberian churches. When civil war broke out in Liberia, he and his family returned to West Michigan.

After working several months for a residential building contractor, he took a job for Sweets, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. Sweets was converting their multi-volume architectural products catalog to electronic format. Tim helped reorganize the product database and define product categories; he also managed several software release projects.

After eight years at McGraw-Hill, he worked as a technical writer for Dematic Corporation. There he documented software, controls, and mechanical hardware for conveyors and other materials handling systems. He never tired of defining terms, explaining concepts, or describing procedures.

Tim is available for freelance contracts as an editor, indexer, technical writer, and help developer. He especially likes to tackle help projects of all sizes, procedures, and indexes (or indices, if you prefer).

To view his resume, visit his LinkedIn profile. You can also email him.
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